Advanced International Electronic Equipment Company WLL (AIEE) is a Motorola joint venture company based in the Middle East with facilities in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Its main objective and business focus is to deliver advanced communication solutions and support services to its large and diverse customer base in the region. The structure of the joint venture allows the international partner Motorola to deliver all its products and services on a local basis.

AIEE has 60 highly qualified engineers and staff based throughout the region delivering and supporting its customers 24 hours a day.

It also has several extensively equipped depot level repair facilities which enable the company to repair and return all supplied equipment on a timely basis. AIEE is an ISO 9001:2015 company which seeks to continually improve its business practices and deliver at all times high quality products and services to its many customers. AIEE provides equipment and services to the region including Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The company has built up over many years a skilled engineering staff that is capable to deliver the latest technology and networks in any environment including those with sever security restrictions and harsh environmental conditions. The company specializes in implementing country wide multi cluster national voice and data systems. The company has extensive experience in TETRA, ASTRO and APCO 25 products and has successfully installed many large networks. The company has also provided numerous private companies and businesses with smaller networks ranging from a single RF site to multi cluster configurations. No job is too big or small; all customers' requirements must be met and delivered with the same care and overall quality. The company's field engineering teams install all of the systems and networks on a turnkey basis including developing the sites with masts backbone connectivity, civil works, power and security applications.

AIEE was one of the first companies in the region to be able to export technical services due mainly to its strict adherence to a quality methodology based on the ISO certification program. The company has many Arabic speaking staff which helps to interface effectively with its many customers. A core objective of the company is to ensure the customer base stays loyal and committed through regular meetings and discussions with the clients to ensure they have the latest technology working for them.

AIEE has undertaken many complicated upgrade programs which have resulted in the customers maintaining strategic amounts of legacy equipment which can be incorporated into new networks thus saving the customer significant costs.

AIEE have specialist who run an effective logistics and support group including provisioning of spares, warehousing, return and repair and transportation. The AIEE team coordinates all customs and clearance procedures on behalf of the clients thus completing a comprehensive service.

Mission Statement

The structure of AIEE allows the international principal, Motorola to deliver on a local basis the most advanced communication equipment with in-country support. AIEE has its own workshops and engineering staff that work with customers on a daily basis. It was one of the first Kuwaiti registered companies to export high-level technical services to other GCC countries.


AIEE has managed to expand since 1991. We currently have 60 full time employees who support our customers not only at the customer's premises but also through our Radio workshop, Cellular subscriber workshop and our vehicle installation facilities. We are also able to offer training facilities up to 15 persons. Our radio workshop have spares holdings in excess of 5,000 lines items; with direct access to the Motorola spare parts ordering system.


AIEE has ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is continually improving its business practices in order to always ensure it delivers high quality products and service to its customers.


In 1996 we established the Middle East Support Centre (MESC). From Kuwait we provide technical support, repair facilities and emergency calls out for all Motorola supplied communications systems, infrastructure, subscriber and ancillary equipment. Our support area covers Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Qatar , United Arab Emirates , Iraq and Kuwait . We can provide on site technical assistance, 24-hour call out and remote (dial up) technical support.

Key Considerations

AIEE has an extensive work history in Kuwait having delivered four major countrywide networks over the last 30 years. The company has also supplied many hundreds of private systems that enable the commercial sector to communicate in a cost effective way, whilst giving management control over their work force.


AIEE has provided consultancy services and coordinated several major consortium programs over the 30 years; one being for a C4I program valued at over US1 billion with more than 30 subcontractors which included a large data network with high level security. The most recent program was for a digital countrywide communication and data system, which involved over 10 international companies.

Market Objectives

AIEE has built up an extensive system engineering capability having all the engineers trained in the Motorola Schaumburg facilities. Our technicians are some of the most experienced in the entire region and have installed commissioned and maintained SmartNet, SmartZone, Astro 25 Analogue and Digital system. AIEE delivered the first Astro Digital system to the Kuwait National Guard. AIEE has also negotiated and delivered an Astro Digital system to the Kuwait Oil Company and Khafji Joint operations in Saudi Arabia.


AIEE is an approved US government contractor and is currently involved in delivering FMS funded services to the Kuwait government. The company inter-operates with its principal online and has access to a worldwide secure Intranet system, which provides electronic ordering of all spares and support material.


AIEE has many Arab speaking engineers and is well positioned with its current facilities and equipment to support any future requirements in the Middle East .

About Motorola : A Legacy of Innovation

Since 1928, Motorola has been committed to innovation in communications and electronics. Our company has achieved many milestones in its 80-plus year history. We pioneered mobile communications in the 1930s with car radios and public safety networks. We made the equipment that carried the first words from the moon in 1969. In 1983 we led the communications revolution with the first commercial handheld cellular phone and system and introduced a handheld scanner which set the standard for the industry. Today, as a global industry leader, excellence in innovation continues to shape the future of the Motorola brand.