Technical Telecom Skilled Manpower Expertise

Long-Term Strategic Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Alliance

Large Government, Oil and Gas Sector (K-Sector), Public and Private corporations and other companies have an eternal demand for talented expertise to take care of their Technical Operation, Security and Maintenance (O&M) needs in the field of Telecommunication, Wireless, Microwave, IT, Voice & Data Infrastructure, Security Services, etc. AIEE has a pool of highly Qualified, Talented, Experienced and professional Engineers, Technicians & other individuals who are ready to cater for all requirements of large organizations. AIEE has been handling such requirements across multiple Middle East Countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE.


AIEE maintains a large talent portfolio of expert's Engineers and staff capable of reaching out to its diverse customer database in this region.


The demand for skilled professional is growing and with this level of growth it is difficult to find the right individuals to satisfy the hunger of many National Corporate Giants and Multinational Companies. These big companies usually venture with AIEE to utilize its portfolio of highly experienced and certified individuals to meet their demands of technical human resources. AIEE provide a wide range of Solutions for various requirements.


Backed by over 25 years of expertise and experience, you can rest assured of being provided the highest standards of services. AIEE was established in 1992 and since then it has an experience of serving all major industries like Oil & Gas Sector (K-Sector, Government Ministries, Security Sector, Aviation Sector, Hospitality Sector, etc. We are recognized as a trustworthy source of providing Technical expertise in the region.


Organizations explore the benefits of our experience and highly qualified personnel to meet their requirement without having to take all the headache of day to day technical breakdown and other major technical issues. Our Engineers and staffs are capable to tackle any technical issues and to isolate & solve it in a professional timely manner.


AIEE has successfully served the industry by meeting their core requirements related to placement of talented employees. We are fully backed by all the available resources that help us in efficaciously meeting the requirements of the clients within the time constrained and without hindering its productive activities and loss of man hours.


Moreover, our team of professionals acts as a backbone of the company and strives its best to meet the set goals. Our professionals work by adopting latest techniques and methods that matches the policies of the particular client.


Our industry experts, in combination with our dedication, sincerity and commitment to provide you with the best, ensures that you will be satisfied beyond doubt in partnering with us for all of your technical needs, especially for the Telecom sectors. Some areas we're readily equipped to supply technical services for, are:


  • Telecommunication Services (installation, Networking, Maintenance and Repairs)
  • Equipment Designing and Maintenance Services
  • Telecom Strategy and Analysis
  • Software and Applications Management
  • Technological infrastructure Designing and Maintenance
  • Technological Operations Management
  • Systems and Networking Designing and Maintenance
  • Project Organization and Management
  • Technological Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Propagation and Signal Coverage Planning and Implementation
  • Security Services (Camera, Drug & Explosive Detection, Metal Detectors, etc.)
  • Power Planning for Telecom equipment using UPS, Solar Cells, etc.

Last but not the least, what makes us special is our positive attitude and ethical approach. We believe in handling all the business operations with transparency and spare no effort in serving the clients with 100% satisfaction.


AIEE was incepted with the set Vision and Mission that helped it to lead the path of growth and customer satisfaction simultaneously.



To become the most respected customer-centric Company that is best managed in terms of eminence, reliability and deliverance. We aim to be the best employer by setting benchmarks in employee care, corporate ascendancy and community services.


To become a Telecom, Security Services and IT & ITES Service Provider of choice by adding value to our clients business through reduced cost, enhanced quality, and superior delivery based on "Exceptional Customer Service" and "Customer Satisfaction"


Talented professionals to provide end-to-end solutions: from consulting to delivery and with a partner-in-business approach.


To provide innovative and customized solutions, which focus on continuous process of improvement with cost containment.